Interactive NCAA Hockey Player Maps using ggmap, ggimage, ggiraph, and leaflet

Code for the maps can be found on Github Note that some of the maps on this page are static. To interact with the maps, visit the Shiny app Been looking at some NCAA hockey data lately. Have a few ideas kicking around, none of which are really beyond the idea stage at this point… In the meantime, since I haven’t posted anything in a while, I figured I could at least put up something fun.

Text Analysis of NHL Hockey Coach Interviews

Code for this analysis is availabile on Github In the 2016 NHL playoffs, the Eastern Conference champion Pittsburgh Penguins, coached by Mike Sullivan, defeated the Western Conference champion San Jose Sharks, coached by Peter DeBoer, in a best of seven series to win the fourth Stanley Cup in their franchise’s history. In a series like this, with many ups and downs for both teams, the coach, serving as a spokesman for his team to the media, is under especially high pressure.

Hello World!

Code for this analysis is availabile on Github I plan on using this space to post my musings on statistics that, shall we say, fall outside of the hallowed halls of academia. For the most part, this will mean lots of R, and lots of hockey and Twitter data. I hope to share something interesting every few weeks, though with my ultra hectic (wink) grad student life, we’ll see how long I can keep that promise…